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Position Statements

Overview for Development of ACLAM Position Papers /Statements

When timely and relevant topics arise that are deemed by the Board of Directors or College membership to be deserving of a professional review, a Position Paper (>2 pages in length) or a Position Statement (<2 pages length) may be created ad hoc to address the stated need.

Position Papers/Statements will be overseen by the ACLAM Publications Committee and the following series of events will occur from inception to publication:

  1. A "Lead" for the Position Paper/Statement will volunteer or be identified from the College membership; this person will be responsible for organizing a volunteer group of writers/editors/subject matter experts to address the intended topic;
  2. Following the drafting of the Position Paper/Statement, the Lead will submit the draft to the Publications Committee Chair for assessment (the Lead and contributors will be provided on the document as the authors);
  3. The Publications Committee Chair will then forward the Position Paper/Statement to the Board of Directors for additional feedback (this interaction will continue until a final draft is completed and approved by the President);
  4. The Position Paper/Statement will then be provided on the website to the College membership for commentary on substantive additions (suggested max of a 30-day period);
  5. Following the comment period, the Position Paper/Statement will be finalized by the BOD, posted to the ACLAM website and delivered to the AALAS Journal Editors, where it may be considered for official publication;
  6. If published in the AALAS Journals, the final journal publication in downloadable PDF will replace the posted document on the ACLAM website.

Existing Position Paper/Statement will be reviewed within 5 years of publication/posting to determine if the topic remains relevant, the perspectives or references need updating, or if the document should be archived from the website.



Position Statements

 Reproducibility Updated 12/8/16

* Medical Records for Animals Used in Research, Teaching, and Testing

*  Adequate Veterinary Care Updated 12/8/16

*  Animal Experimentation

*  Animal Use In Research, Testing & Teaching

*  Assessment and Management of Pain in Rodents and Rabbits

*  Guidance Document on Evaluation of Laboratory Animal Care Standards
*  Guidance Document on Adequate Rodent Cage Sanitation and Sterilization

*  Pain and Distress Updated 12/8/16

*  Rodent Surgery Updated 12/8/16

*  The 3 Rs

*  Training & Education In Use of Animals

*  Value of AAALAC Accreditation

 Rodent Euthanasia